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Let me support you on your fitness journey with tailored programs in person!

Let’s get started on those goals

If you desire weight loss, improved strength and fitness or renewed health, work with me in person or online with these tailored package options below. (Available in Gregory Hills NSW)

Get started in 3 easy steps:

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Step One:

Book in for a free 15 minute consultation call with me and fill out the pre-screening form you will be sent after you book.

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Step Two:

During the consultation call I will go over your goals and help you choose the best membership option to reach those goals.

Step Three:

Once you’ve signed up to a membership you’ll be booked in for a full assessment with your trainer and a program will be customised to suit you!

Our clients results

Results Mark Multari Fitness Coach

Meagen’s Results
37kg weightloss, 16.7% body fat reduction and a total of 88cm off her chest, waist and hips. Her
success has come from her amazing commitment to her training, nutrition and overall health and it has been a privilege for me to be apart of her Fitness journey so far

Client Feedback
Helping my clients reach their goals and the amazing feedback is truly humbling!
Congratulations Meagan, you are an inspiration to many!


Which area do you service?

We currently service Gregory Hills & surrounding suburbs in NSW. Sessions are held in my private studio on Kookaburra Drive Gregory Hills.

What are your payment options?

You’ll go on a direct debit system to keep things simple, with no lock-in contracts and the option to pause should you need to.

Do I need to be 18+ to join?

I’m insured to personally train clients who are 16 and over with parents written permission.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

Providing you give us 12 hours notice, you are able to reschedule your session for the next available time slot within the next 7 days. If you decide to cancel without a reasonable explanation, your session may be forfeited and payment still defbited.

Do you offer mobile Pt services?

No, we do not have any mobile options at this stage. 

Can I pause my membership if I need to?

Yes, if you are going on holidays or sick/injured, you are able to pause your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 4 weeks. 

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