Online Fitness Coaching

Looking to exercise from the comfort of you own home? Well you’re in luck, I am offering weekly programs to suit your goals with equipment you already have.

Do I neeed my own equipment?

No, I can still train you without equipement.

Will this include nutrition/food tracking?

Depending on your package, YES! We offer Food tracking and nutritional advice on our higher tiered package!

PT Sessions

If you’re in Gregory Hills and surrounding suburbs, I can offer one-on-one Personal training sessions with you. Personal Training is the best way to get 100% trainer focus and customised workout plans to suit your goals and needs with added food tracking and nutrition advice.

Am I restricted to how many sessions I can do per week ?

No there are no restrictions to how many sessions you may do per week, we will discuss this in the consultation to see how many sessions are right for you.

Do you offer mobile PT?

Yes! I am offering Mobile Personal Training within restrictions with an additional travel fee.

Shared PT

Looking to train with a friend, partner or family member? I’m offering shared PT for 2 people In Gregory Hills, NSW and surrounds.

What if my goals are different to my friends?

I can still focus on individual goals which will be discussed during the consultation. Focus will be split amongst the group.

What if one of my group members are unwell or injured?

No problem, I will aim to reschedule and remain in contact to help as best as possible to meet your needs.


Train in a fun group atmosphere, bring out your competative side and feel part of a team. My bootcamp sessions are outdoor group training sessions with a mixture of strength and cardio. 

Can I bring a friend?

As a client, YES! You can bring 1 friend for FREE, once a month. If that friend joins, you will receive 1 week of bootcamp for free!

What happens if it rains?

Unless weather is extreme, we will continue the session using the sheltered are of the park. In cases of extreme weather, you will be notified before hand.

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